Business Calls – Tips On How To Handle Them With Professionalism


As a business, you’re going to find yourself dealing with phone calls. These calls may come from customers, they may come from potential clients, and they may also come from colleagues. Navigating the minefield of manners and protocol is challenging for the inexperienced individual, but handling business calls is not a difficult task when you know what to do. We’re going to take a look at a few handy tips you can use when dealing with incoming calls.

Screen Your Calls

One of the first things that you should do as a businessperson is know how to screen your calls before you even answer them. Learning how to identify what kind of person is calling will be of great use to you. For example, knowing how to identify spam calls will be of great help to you, and you can always use call checker websites as a way to do this. By identifying calls, you won’t waste time and resources dealing with junk.

Be Prompt

When answering a call, being prompt is of the utmost importance. Your caller will cultivate the first impression of you based on how long it takes to connect with a person, and this can set the tone for the entire discourse. To avoid generating the wrong opinion, try and answer your calls promptly and efficiently.

Make Sure To Introduce Yourself

The first few lines of dialogue that you exchange with the person on the phone is critical for establishing a good relationship with them. Make sure to speak slowly and clearly, and also to introduce yourself and the business. Some will see this as a mere formality, but it lends itself to professionalism and will help to cultivate a good image of yourself and the organisation you work for.

Explain Yourself

Speaking to potential customers, existing clients or other colleagues is something that you need to handle with professionalism, with manners and above all else with maturity. If you’re going to do something while you’re on the phone with customers, let them know. If you’re going to transfer them to a manager, then tell them. If you’re going to access their details on a system, then tell them. Nothing will make a customer distrustful of your intentions faster than you trying to do something covertly and create an obvious silence. Be honest, and you’ll be sure to keep them happy.

Overall, these are just a few of the things that a businessperson can do to handle incoming calls in the best possible manner. Clients, customers and colleagues are all going to form your daily call list, and they all deserve the same level of professionalism and respect. If you’re going to cultivate a positive image for your company, then it is well worth making sure that you take the time to observe some of the subtler points of business call etiquette. This will aid you in your interactions, and ensure that you have no issues with customers or clients.


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