Gold jewelleries within budget


We all love wearing gold jewelleries. Starting from rings to bangles to those beautiful earrings, everything about gold attracts us. But the main issue we might face, when we go to buy gold jewellery is its price. The more weight it has, the more expensive it would be. However, if you are planning to buy a gold jewellery without spending much, we have some cool ideas for you. Read on to know more.

Instead of buying a necklace set that would cost you much more, you can buy necklace and earrings separately and can mix and match them together to wear. You would find various 10 gram gold necklace designs that are even though light in weight but does not compromise in design. You can buy chokers that are light weight and trendy. They go well with all kinds of attire especially the traditional ones and they would also decorate your neck without putting in much effort. You can also buy kundan jewellery which have lesser amount of gold in it with many non-precious and semi precious stones.

Even though they look gorgeous but they cost very less, firstly because the amount of gold present in them is very less and secondly the stones are not precious. You can also buy gold chains with a good looking locket but that would be more of a daily wear and if the size is small and trendy then you can even wear them to office. You would also find 10 gram gold necklace designs that are very simple and can be worn even with semi western outfits. But do not go too overboard with designs, wear a sober and classy necklace and you would be good to go.

Coming to earring gold jewellery designs, you would see a variety of things present. Starting from small jhumkas to the daily wear earrings with a stud, thy not only looks classy but would fit exactly in your budget. You can buy the necklace of your choice and they can buy a earring to go with it. If you are searching for something that you can wear on a daily basis, then for the necklace you can choose gold chain with a small locket and in earrings, you can choose the stud design. They are even good for formal meetings and go very well with western formal attire.

In case your office is more liberal then you can choose wearing small jhumkas with Indian formal outfit. They look smart and elegant together. For any traditional occasion, you can opt for simple design lightweighta  necklace along with small traditional balis. In case you want to have the gold necklace set with royal look for any occasion but does not have the budget for it, then you can easily opt for gold plated jewelleries. You would be able to find the same design in gold plated one as that of the original gold jewellery but at a much lesser price but obviously, you cannot demand the same quality.


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