How To Play & Become Successful On Amazon?


eCommerce business is the booming platform which is vehement challenges the brick and mortar business. And the inception of Amazon has made history by introducing online hypermarket of just everything that a consumer can think of. With the increasing number of online shopping stores, customers relying on online shopping websites is also increasing. This shift to online shopping has been tremendous since the day of its inception. Every year, the online shopping website grows by 23% and this calls a great competing sector for Amazon.

Definitely, the wiser you play, the heavier you will get returns. Many sellers thus opt to outsource professional Amazon listing services to get better revenue and rank good in the search listing page. And this rapid growth of outsourcing services has invited a tremendous competition in the marketplace. Here are tricks of how eCommerce product data entry services and listing experts win your brand reputation on Amazon

Be Careful When Working On ‘Amazon’ Search Engine

Amazon is simply a search engine just like Google or Bing but the toughest point is that it is also a marketplace. Thus, people can easily search for products, services, compare prices, and etc.

The professional Amazon listing services proffer best practices of search optimization to show up for the right search queries within the marketplace.

The services can optimize:

•    Listing titles and product names

•    100% Original Product descriptions

•    Providing consumer queries & comments

•    Optimising product images

•    Responses to customer reviews

Just think what would be the ideal match for your customer as per your product and you can easily optimize your products.

Selling Through FBA

FBA or “Fulfillment by Amazon” is an exclusive service offered by Amazon. It is used to hold inventory and shipping processes and directly communicates with the consumer after making a purchase. The sellers have to pay a small fee for the convenience which is quick and hands-free fulfilment.

FBA also helps to make your products appear in Prime-filtered searches. The reason behind this is that FBA products are eligible for Amazon Prime’s free shipping.

Aim For The Buy Box

If the selling product is same as of another merchant’s, ‘Buy Box’ can make the situation win for you. The buy box is a space at the extreme left corner of the product page, where customers add the item to the cart with just a click. There is an alternative price section as well where the customer can click on the lowest price offering product (same) selling by a different manufacturer. Customers also click to check the prices and shipping fees, as well as the ratings of other sellers.

Seller Rating

Apart from the buy box, the sellers also need to concentrate to win the people by their fantastic ratings and reviews. Check out the key factors that will help sellers to win the buy box:

•    Best price and/or lowest price on the product

•    Stock availability

•    Fulfilment options and shipping times

•    Seller rating

•    Positive customer reviews & stars

The professional Amazon listing services experts help to manage all of the above and make your brand become successful on Amazon.


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