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System navigation for China’s foreign trade activities is difficult and is not completely transparent. For the creation of a commercial transaction, new companies are being encouraged to maintain professional services in the market. Completion of foreign-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, or representative offices, requires complex agreement approval requirements, business registration requirements, tax regulations and regulations, and procedure according to labor rules. Many U.S. banks, accountants, attorneys and consultants have set up offices in China and are aware of Chinese requirements. Some China professional service providers have a lot of experience to serve foreign customers.


Chinese law enforcement offices are required and Foreign Investment Institutes have engaged the services of registered accountants in China to present annual financial statements and other specific financial documents. Therefore, Chinese Accountants and Joint Institutions can provide services to accounting institutions. All the main American organizations have established offices in China and provide services for auditing, tax and advisory services, investment potential potential studies, and accounting systems that are according to Chinese law.


Illegal legislation that can provide legal services are limited: 1) To provide consultation services to our customers for legal matters, for which it is licensed international convention and procedure; 2) Country / Providing legal services to their customers or Chinese law institutions for licensed persons regarding legal matters in the region; 3) Providing Chinese law firms in relation to China’s legal matters by its foreign customers; 4) Establish a long-term contract agreement with Chinese law institutions regarding legal clients; and 5) China Provide information about the impact of the legislation.

Management consultants

In the Chinese market foreign companies often engage the services of local consultants to promote new market marketing strategies, insistent investment investigations, and potential investment partners, identify agents and customers’ identities. for. In the Chinese market, one of the many foreign advisory institutes is also very small players, as well as many local companies.

The US Department of State has a list of US laws, accounting and consulting institutions, offices in China, as well as list of Chinese institutions, with which business offices or customers have to face favorable issues.

Created by our US embassy. In the US-based 108-day network and more than 75 countries across the United States, US Department of State’s US commercial service has used global presence and international marketing experts sell their products and services to the United States companies all over the world. I used to help. Find out the American Commercial Service Trade Expert in America near you by visiting http://export.gov/usices.

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