POP Displays: The Secret to Make Them Work


After working so hard to build a strong brand and craft an impressive retail packaging, the main question is; “Are the results evident?” You still need one more step of separating the brand from competitors. One option that has demonstrated the ability to work magic is the POP display or retail display.

Types of POP display

The primary goal of the custom POP displayis making the target clients buy more than they had planned. Here are the main types of POP displays you to consider;

  • Counter displays: These displays are the smallest and work well for small products.
  • Shipper displays: This display can serve well as a counter display and shipping box. It is designed with perforations that can be torn and placed directly on the counter.
  • Pallet display: This is considered ideal for products that can be stacked and ferried to the point of sale. The displays can be wrapped using graphics or customized to display the merchandise of choice.

How to make your POP display work

Selecting the right custom POP display is only the first step. You need to move to the next stage and use them appropriately to get the anticipated results. Here are the secrets of making your pop display work.

  • Placement

Counter displays are positioned strategically at the point of exit to push clients into buying more. Therefore, you should learn the habits of the shoppers and provide items that complement their needs. Ensure to position the displays well so that every client headed to the counter to pay can easily see.

  • Graphics

You should use graphics to ensure that the products can easily capture the attention of clients checking out of the store. You can even drive more sales with the pop display by linking to the store’s social media accounts and implementing a call to action.

  • Attach special discounts

Though your clients have already selected the items of interest from displays in the store, an irresistible discount on the point of sale can make them buy more. Remember only to use items that help emphasize clients’ value and build the store’s community.


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