Which Is The Best VLSI Physical Design Course In Bangalore


Before knowing VLSI Physical Design Training you should learn that what is VLSI? VLSI (Very Large System Integration) is a technology in which from thousands to million transistors can be assembled on a single chip. Now you must be thinking that why assembling many other transistors on a single chip then if you do not do so then your devices will cover a very large physical space. So basically VLSI helps us to make devices a little smaller and more compact. Like in the earlier days when VLSI wasn’t introduced to the world then the devices of that time used to be huge in size, specially the computers of that time were used to be that big that they use to cover up a space of a whole room, near the late ’70s this VLSI technology was introduced and it was a revolution in the world of technology.

VLSI Physical Design

VLSI physical design is a process to transform a circuit description into a physical design with the description of the position of routes and cells for their interconnections in between. The VLSI physical design complex that is why it is broken into some various steps. Those steps are followed below

1. Firstly, the circuits need to be parted to produce some macro-cells.

2. Then comes the floor-planning phase where the cells are needed to be put on the layout surface.

3. Now it is time for global-routing.

4. In the next step which is detailed-routing the interconnection wires in channels have to be computed between the macro cells.

5. The last step is compaction of layout in which it is flattened in all the dimension so the total area can be reduced.

There are now many institutes in India which provides VLSI physical design training. You can get one of the best vlsiphysical design engineer bangalore. The city offers some best training for VLSI physical design.

VLSI Physical Design Training Courses

There are many institutes around the country which offer training courses for VLSI physical design, they are mostly certificate courses or diploma courses of one year and six months. It is an additional course which can be very much useful for aspiring engineers, it gives them good opportunity to gain a deep knowledge of every aspect of VLSI physical design. Physical design training programs are nicely illustrated with examples of real-time directly from industry. A very vast understanding of all the concepts in VLSI physical design is provided in such training courses. There are detailed theoretical session is also provided in all those training courses. There is a huge industry of vlsi physical design course in bangalore where there is a very proper and nicely scheduled system of the physical design training courses are available.

Now you must have got the better knowledge on VLSI physical design and about its training courses, so if you are thinking to do this course as an addition to skills then you should definitely go for it.


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